Geriatric Health in the US – Stats and Facts

Geriatric is another name used for our senior population, and in this case geriatrics refers to the health and care of our elderly.

Geriatrics focuses on providing the special health care needs of older adults and works to prevent and treat disease and disabilities among this population. The physician that specializes in the treatment of our elderly population is called a geriatrician. Geriatric care involves a wide spectrum of health care professionals including, but not limited to, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, nutritionists, and psychologists.

Our older generation is at greater risk of many diseases and disabilities. It is important for this population to avoid health risks that could increase their chances of these threats. However in 2017 roughly 9{ab00da231405656ab53e236adbc822260719de0342a41ff7a037e7d07eabcb24} of adults 65 or older we’re still smoking cigarettes, and about 28{ab00da231405656ab53e236adbc822260719de0342a41ff7a037e7d07eabcb24} of these older adults were obese in 2018 which is a 25{ab00da231405656ab53e236adbc822260719de0342a41ff7a037e7d07eabcb24} increase from 2013. (reference graph)

One of the most devastating diseases that are older population faces is inarguably Alzheimer’s disease. We estimate 13.8 million older adults will suffer from this disease by 2050.

As we age our healthcare needs increase, and the importance of health insurance and quality affordable healthcare treatments becomes clearer. According to research by 2025 it is forecasted that 7.5 million older adults will be enrolled in Medicaid, compared to the 6 million that are expected to be enrolled at the beginning of 2019. In 2017 Medicare beneficiaries aged
65 years and older were expected to pay an average of $3509 annually for inpatient hospital services. These costs rows significantly if the patient was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

* Information Published by John Elflein, Oct 2, 2018 : Geriatric health in the U.S. – Statistics & Facts

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