Senior Housing Occupancy Hit New Record-Low Of 78.8 percent

The U.S senior housing occupancy rate hit 78.8 percent in the first three months of the year 2020, which is a new record-low level. According to NIC MAP Vision data, the occupancy rate is 1.8 percent less than it was in Q4 2020 and about 8.7 percent less than the year before. There are lots of assisted living properties for sale. The best company in Florida to help you get the best housing plans is ALF For Sale. In the first quarter of the year, assisted living occupancy was less than 75.5 percent, with independent living occupancy sitting at 81.8 percent. Find out about senior housing occupancy and how you can get access to one. 

What Does The Senior Housing Occupancy Entail?

The general occupancy statistics show that some markets performed above national averages, with the leading pack being San Francisco leading at 84.2 percent senior housing occupancy, San Jose at 83.4 percent, Houston at 72.9 percent, Atalanta and Cleveland at 73.5 percent and 74.2 percent, respectively. 

The statistics reflect that covid-19 vaccine clinics held in senior residential communities in the first three months did not immediately reflect the census gains. As there’s an increase in the lift of move-in moratoriums, operators make more inquiries from potential leads, residents, and property tours. With that, occupancy may skyrocket in the coming months ahead. 

What Is The Current Trend of Senior Housing Occupancy?

There are promising signs that show that occupancy may be troughing. There have been three straight weeks of gains in occupancy in the senior housing operating portfolio made up of almost 650 properties. As of April 1, occupancy in this portfolio stood at 74 percent. 

Another occupancy stat shows net move-ins and move-outs looked up a net positive every year for the first time since the pandemic began. The average statistics stand at 70.1 percent to 80 percent depending on the location. There’s a natural lag between first inquiry and move-in for senior living, and the trends keep rising. 

What’s Your Next Housing Plan?

With the new record-low of senior housing occupancy, it isn’t out of place to seek a suitable living property for sale. As the statistics keep taking an upward and downward spiral, you should flow with the trend. You need a reputable housing and property company to help you with the process of getting a suitable housing fit for you. 

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The new record-low by the senior housing occupancy is an indicator of trends to come in the future. It is only suitable to hop on the movement, so you don’t get left out. You don’t need to search online for housing services in Florida. ALF For Sale is just one call away to offer you a consultation and assist you in getting affordable living properties for you. Why wait? Call us here at (813)-285-4437 to speak with an expert directly. You can also schedule an appointment in a few seconds. Make a move now!

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