Senior Housing M&A Dropped 39% Between 4Q20 And 1Q21

Are you looking for ALF for sale? At ALF For Sale, we tell you why there is a lot of room for senior housing since our transactions dropped by 39 percent this year. The main reason why this happened is because of COVID-19 and people not agreeing on certain prices. People were not as willing to attend housing for seniors or to send their loved ones because there was so much buzz during the pandemic about these kinds of places not being safe. Even though we suffered this drop in transactions, we are proud to say that we are still thriving as a business, and we encourage you to send your loved ones to us if you are currently looking for a place. We understand how stressful this pandemic is for assisted living facilities, so you can rest assured that we are taking the best care of our folks and that they will stay healthy and happy. Many businesses suffered losses during the pandemic, but we are still standing strong because we are the best in Florida! 


Details About Fewer Transactions For Senior Housing 

You probably want to know more details regarding why our transactions for ALF for sale dropped by 39 percent this year. Firstly, we usually have 127 transactions during the first quarter of a year, and this year we only had 77. Secondly, we usually receive a total of $2.6 billion every first quarter, and this year we only received $1.5 billion. This was a 43 percent drop for us if you were to compare this year to the previous one. In terms of our sales, we usually make 26 sales for portfolios, but this year we only made 18 sales. Even though our numbers are fewer compared to last year and the previous years, we have concluded that the main reason for these drops was because of the fewer transactions we received overall. We rely on these transactions for our business, and the plummeting numbers created a large gap for us this year. Our team is working on creating deals that are smaller moving forward so we can try to grow back as a business again. 



Even though COVID-19 has affected our business, we are not giving up any hope. We still have a lot of ALF for sale that people are looking for, and it is exciting to see our business still doing well regardless of the lower numbers. Our team is grateful for the success that we are still receiving, and we hope that everything will be back to normal soon. 


You Can Trust Us 

It is hard enough sending your loved ones to housing for seniors, let alone sending them somewhere else during a pandemic in general. That is why we want you to know that you can trust us to take care of your loved ones. We will not let you down! 


Contact Us 

Even though our transactions went down by 39 percent, we are still thriving as a business. Call or visit ALF For Sale today in Florida for more information on senior housing.

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