Why Covid-19 Could Be A Watershed Moment for Enhanced Assisted Living

Assisted living providers within the United States are reassessing their health care options and services in response to the impact of Covid-19. There is a gradual shift towards improved health care for assisted living with new regulations being proposed and more efforts to make the regulations permanent. The scope of services available for assisted living communities keeps expanding. Enhanced assisted living offers more robust clinical care compared to standard assisted living. ALF For Sale provides an enhanced assisted living facility in Florida. Read on to learn about the benefits of enhanced assisted living (EAL) facilities.

Enhanced Assisted Living Benefits

Covid-19 has shown us several ways to improve the way we care for ourselves and senior citizens. The new assisted living model focuses on its residents’ health care as much as it does hospitality. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of this unique and advanced model.

  • Assist with mobility limitations

Mobility and incontinence assistance is provided so the resident does not require 24-hour nursing or medical care. These facilities have licensed enhanced beds that allow residents to stay in them comfortably for longer periods.

  • Increase the length of stay in assisted living facilities

There is an increase in the length of seniors’ stays in assisted living facilities due to the improved services. Seniors receive special care and attention during their extended stays in the facility. There is an option for residents with additional needs for medical attention. Also, it serves a larger population. Considering the benefits of EAL, you should check out ALF for sale in Tampa.

  • Provides an advanced model of care

Emphasis is placed on the health care of its residents. Assisted living residents can expect a better quality of health while visiting this facility.

Challenges Of Providing Enhanced Assisted Living

Some assisted living facilities find it challenging to manage residents’ health care needs and the essential values of assisted living, such as a vibrant social environment. 

Also, EAL facilities need to employ trained staff and personnel to provide quality care to residents. Other challenges of EAL facilities include high cost of operation and complex operation. Residents also need to pay more to assess these EAL facilities to augment the running cost.

The Positive Outlook Of Enhanced Assisted Living

People desire assisted living facilities with more focus on clinical capabilities, especially during the Covid-19 era. Due to the media reports about outbreaks of Covid-19 in nursing homes, residents want more skilled nursing in assisted living homes. Thanks to the enhanced assisted living facility, you can now get assisted living facilities with top-notch health care and hospitality. EAL is an ideal option for those that want to enjoy the blend of improved clinical care and hospitality, which is a model of assisted living. 

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