Mustafa Law Firm, PA


Mustafa Law Firm offers comprehensive representation for your business needs.

We are general counsel for business leaders in the medical services, financial services, construction, real estate and tech/software industries.

Want help choosing which business entity offers the best asset protection and tax savings? Mustafa Law Firm can assist. What’s the plan if a business partner wants to sell their share or if they become disabled, die, divorce or declare bankruptcy? We’ll draft your corporate governance rules and succession plan according to your particular preference. Time to sell your business? Buy a business? Or merge with another company? We’ll represent you through every step of the transaction.

Maybe you’re a foreign investor looking to put your money to work in the United States. Mustafa Law Firm can help you navigate complex tax and immigration rules pertaining to foreign investment and the EB5 visa program. Maybe you’re a local entrepreneur looking to fund a million dollar plus project. Mustafa Law Firm can connect you with foreign and local investors to get your project up and running.

Talk to us about how we can best serve you.

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